The Monsanto Caribe, LLC Company was presented with the CEIBA Award from the Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce (CCSPR) in the Agriculture Category, for its contribution to the region’s economy and for its corporate social responsibility programs. The award was presented during the 2018 Annual Convention of that organization.

This distinction recognizes the efforts of the agricultural company to provide emergency response and assistance after Hurricane Maria, in addition to community efforts already in progress implemented during recent years.

After the devastation caused by this atmospheric phenomenon, particularly in the southern zone of Puerto Rico, both Monsanto and its local operation, Monsanto Caribe LLC, have increased their support efforts to help their neighboring communities in Juana Díaz and Santa Isabel.

On September 29, Monsanto mobilized a group of employees from its plant breeding, procurement, engineering, and safety teams, as well as a doctor, to evaluate the situation at its Juana Díaz station, and to help local employees and residents with diverse needs.

During September and October 2017, Monsanto and the Monsanto Fund donated $1.03 million through financial and in-kind contributions to support emergency response and assistance efforts in Puerto Rico.

“Monsanto and Monsanto Caribe have put at our disposal company resources so we can concentrate our extensive and continuous community efforts to help our neighbors of Juana Díaz and Santa Isabel affected by Hurricane Maria,” said Miguel Pereira, the Monsanto Puerto Rico Community Affairs Manager.

These donations included: ice bags; drinking water; portable sanitary services; roof tarps; controlled and over the counter medications; insulin for diabetic patients; first aid kits; personal protection and safety equipment; personal hygiene kits; food, baby food and water.

“We thank the Southern Chamber of Commerce for this recognition. This award honors us, and encourages us to continue supporting, contributing, and promoting the development of the Puerto Rico we all want,” Pereira added.

The company also worked with FEMA, other leaders in the biotechnology industry, and non-profit organizations to continue supporting recovery efforts.

The Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce’s CEIBA award “is named after the century-old Ceiba of Ponce, featured on the Southern Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce’s logo. These awards are granted in the categories of commerce, service company, industry, banking, and agriculture, which together form the CEIBA acronym”, reads the CCSPR website. They are awarded “to stimulate business excellence and highlight exemplariness in the economic development of the region”.

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