PONCE, PR (September 23, 2015) – Committed to make a positive impact on the communities where its employees live and work, Monsanto Caribe, LLC formed part of the 128 companies that participated in this year’s Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico’s “Regala un Día” event. Nine employees of the Monsanto Juana Díaz site visited the Esperanza Para la Vejez Luis Biaggi Senior Center in Ponce with gift mugs, hors d’oeuvres, an informative pamphlet on how to prepare for hurricane season, and a karaoke machine.


“We wanted to take some time to spend with the participants at the center,” said Marelyn Delgado, QMS and Compliance Manager at Monsanto Caribe, LLC MSP Juana Diaz Site. “I want to thank the center’s management and personnel for opening the doors to us so we could spend some time and share with them. We sincerely hope that the gifts we brought are of enjoyment to all.”


According to its website, The Esperanza Para la Vejez Luis Biaggi Center – formerly known as Project Hope – is a private nonprofit organization with 49 years of existence. Organized in May 1966 as the Board of Communal Services for Senior Citizens, Inc., the organization was the first organized community effort to provide services to elderly people below the poverty line. The center’s mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors through the effective delivery of integrated services with a community-based approach to strengthen social, emotional, economic, physical and spiritual, without distinction of class. Their services include social services, nutrition, transportation, socialization, health promotion and disease prevention, education and training, and day care services. All of them free of charge.

“We thank Monsanto and we welcome them to our center. I know that this Fondos Unidos’ activities is a very beautiful initiative that has been taking place for many years,” said Monica Maldonado, Esperanza Para la Vejez Luis Biaggi Center Director. “Hopefully in the coming years they will be motivated, either with us or other entities, to participate again in these events, because we need the support of the private industry in these entities. All nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico attend about 10,000 people a day – from children, disabled persons, addicts, the elderly, to abused women. We urge you to continue to support these activities, continue to support these organizations who work with love, determination and dedication to provide quality of life, in this case to the elderly population.”

This is the first time that Monsanto Caribe participates in Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico’s, “Regala un Día” event. Other community outreach efforts from the company include Monsanto Fund, Monsanto Company’s philanthropic arm, donation of $20,000 to Fondos Unidos’s ‘BienEstar’ Program, as well as $18,000 to special education institution STARBRIGHT Pals in Ponce.

Monsanto employees are also committed themselves to helping their neighbors and engaging in conversations with them. From collecting and donating toys during the holidays for children in need, to participating in the reforestation of dunes, or visiting schools to talk about safety, Monsanto employees are engaged in a variety of community efforts to create a better living environment for all.

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