Monsanto Isabela Celebrates Fourth Annual Dune Reforestation

Monsanto Isabela Celebrates Fourth Annual Dune Reforestation

For the fourth year, a group of Monsanto employees and their families demonstrated their commitment to environmental conservation during the Monsanto Isabela Dune Reforestation Project of Sardinera Beach in Isabela.

A total of 35 volunteers gathered this year to plant approximately 400 seagrapes and palms trees, as well as to conduct a beach cleanup in the area. The plants were obtained and delivered to the site in collaboration with Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico.

“We started in the winter of 2010 with our first reforestation event,” remembered Cesar Zayas, farm coordinator at MSP Monsanto Caribe Isabela Site, who organized this event. “In total, I believe we’ve planted about 3000 trees, of which about 60 % have taken root, which is a great success.”

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