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Monsanto received a visit from the PUCPR Biotechnology Student Association

Recently, 15 students of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PUCPR) Biotechnology Student Association and their professor, Dr. Jasmine Seda, visited our Juana Díaz site for a guided tour of Monsanto’s field work in biotech soy crops....
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Vegetables in Action – Cotton

Cotton is grown on every habitable continent, providing clothing, home goods and food to the world. The crop grows mainly in areas that have subtropical climates, like Puerto Rico. The part of the cotton plant that most people are familiar with is the...
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Monsanto Surprised by French Environment Minister’s Comments on Roundup®

Over the weekend, French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal made comments about the sale of Roundup® lawn and garden products to French consumers that were widely misreported by media in several countries. Contrary to widespread media coverage,...
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From Farm to Fork: Growing, Picking & Cooking Sweet Corn

By Brandie Piper Monsanto Corporate Engagement (Originally published in Discover Monsanto) Sweet corn is a summertime staple, and it’s delicious no matter how it’s cooked. We’ve put together some tips about how to choose the best ear at your local...
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